Virtuoso advisors boost sales with itinerary management tools

Virtuoso has highlighted the benefits of using itinerary management tools to boost sales. 

According to a new study by the network, travel advisors who used a programme from one of its three itinerary management partners – Axus, Travefy and Umapped – saw a 29% growth in partner revenue. 

By comparison, advisors who did not use the tools only achieved an 8% increase in sales, suggesting such technology can improve agents’ efficiency and profitability. 

“Itinerary management tools are the secret sauce for in-the-know Virtuoso advisers, who are saving time, improving client service and most importantly growing their sales significantly,” said David Kolner, senior vice president for global member partnerships at Virtuoso. 

“The results of this study prove that advisors who aren’t using these solutions are passing up a golden opportunity we’re providing to them. And for agencies who are thinking of joining Virtuoso, these statistics provide a very compelling reason to affiliate now.”

Itinerary management tools automate the process of creating a client’s trip by pulling information from preferred partners into an organised schedule. Agents can add to the itinerary by manually entering details to customise their client’s travel experience. 

Virtuoso advisors said the tools enhanced their professionalism, helped them locate itinerary gaps or errors, easily incorporated supplier bookings and enhanced collaboration between colleagues and partners. 

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