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The Maldives president has intervened in a row over the use of hotel spas and wellness centres across the Indian Ocean island nation.

Mohammed Nasheed relented on his weekend order and instead asked the country’s Supreme Court to decide whether the luxury treatment centres are legal or not.

He ordered the country's resorts to reopen their spas just days after they told to shut following Islamic protests. UK operators had told Travel Weekly that facilities were fully operational despite the ban imposed on Saturday.

The Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation confirmed that a court case concerning the closure of all spas in the Maldives had reached the Supreme Court.

“A final decision and outcome has yet to be reached. However, the president has requested to the Supreme Court that a decision and outcome should be reached to draw this matter to a conclusion,” the MMPRC said.

“In the meantime, the president has lifted the existing closure of spas for all resorts targeting foreigners. The spas will be operating as usual. The MMPRC will endeavour to keep the industry updated with any further de