Four Seasons Yachts’ fleet to visit group’s luxury hotels

The first Four Seasons Yachts vessel will “follow the sun”, sailing in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, its bosses revealed.

They said the ship, which will enter service in November 2025, will sail to as many of Four Seasons’ properties as possible to incorporate them into its itineraries.

Thatcher Brown, chief commercial officer of Four Seasons Yachts, said: “Wherever there is a Four Seasons property – and there are 124 of them with another 50 in the pipeline – you can rest assured we will visit as many of these as possible with our itineraries.”

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The aim is to offer guests an opportunity to “see the world through an entirely end-to-end experience”, that incorporates hotels, resorts, yachts and the brand’s private jets, according to president Christian Clerc.

This will create a “one-of-a-kind” offering in the market, he said, adding that the fact the yacht will be crewed by Four Seasons employees, and not be a franchise operation like other luxury hotel chains are planning with their new cruise ventures, would also set it apart.

Investor Nadim Ashi said: “We believe Four Seasons creates a level of luxury and sophistication that we all like to feel, but that hasn’t yet been seen at sea.”

Clerc added “the level of bespoke tailoring that is going to be available on this vessel will be like nothing you have ever seen”.

He said guests would not have to book different dining options or shore excursions in advance but would be able to decide what they wanted to do and eat at the last minute and Four Seasons Yachts would make it happen.

“There’s a reason we called it a Four Seasons yacht [not a cruise ship],” he said.

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