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Indo-China specialist Buffalo Tours is introducing Laos’ first luxury tented camp to the UK market.

Opening in Spring 2011 the camp will have eight uber-stylish tents, a freshwater pool, spa treatments and fine dining.

From its base on the banks of the Huay Sae River Valley, Shangri-Lao will offer trekking through jungles and valleys on elephant, horse, bamboo raft or foot.

The treks follow a journey undertaken by 19th century French explorer, Dr. P. Neis, who was on a mission to survey the ‘Moi Tribes’ who lived in one of France’s first colonies named Cochinchina.?

Hidden in a valley behind Luang Prabang province, its aim is to give visitors an authentic experience of an old colonial-style camp and expedition and to preserve the unspoilt beauty of this area for future generations with the help of the local people and the government.

There will be two camps, built in traditional oriental style with western comforts.

The first, close to a traditional Lao village, is located on the banks of the river and the second is situated in a clearing in the jungle of the Huay Khot Valley.

All tents, furnished with handcrafted 19th century style furniture, sit on permanent hardwood floors and come complete with bathrooms and whirlpool bathtubs.

The gourmet restaurant will serve Laos and Western dishes, the spa will offer a selection of Asian treatments and a sun terrace is being built overlooking the Nam Khan river and the Namno mountain chain.

The Huay Sae River Valley has been leased by Shangri-Lao from the Laos government for the next 20 years so it is the only company allowed to operate treks in the area.

Shangri Lao will be responsible for the protection of the river valley and hopes through careful management and local, national and international support, it will bring back many of the animals that used to live in the area.

Both tented camps are under construction and are expected to open as a soft launch at the end of February.

Trips to Shangri-Lao are bookable through a number of specialist operators across the UK, with prices from approximately £130 per person, per night, in