ILTM: Australia shows its luxury hand

ing independent luxury properties have joined forces create a new website to promote the choice of luxury on the continent.

The Luxury Lodges of Australia website has been designed to give agents comprehensive information and a planning tool for linking up the properties that a spread across the country.

Executive officer Penny Rafferty said: “It was not easy for agents to link up these properties but the tools on should? make it a far simpler task.”

A grid tool tells agents how long it takes to get from each property to all the others and also reveals which direction makes more sense.

“Travelling between two properties can take 30 hours in one direction but just 10 in the other due to connections – this is invaluable information for agents putting together an itinierary, “ she explained.

Ranging from wilderness lodges to vineyard retreats to outback camps the not for profit marketing group was designed to showcase the best of the best of Australia.

Rafferty added: “This demonstrates how far Australia has come and how the level of product can compete with anywhere in the world.

“It’s important to demonstrate this and already the reaction has been superb – operators and agents who were less aware of the possibilities for top end travel are really embracing it and Australia’s profile as an outstanding experiential luxury destination will certainly gr