Visit California launches ‘The Ultimate Playground’ brand platform

Visit California has launched a new brand platform called The Ultimate Playground as it aims to inspire people to take a fun and “free-spirited” trip to the state.

As part of the branding exercise, a 30-second TV advert, ‘Let’s Play’, will air across the UK, the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and China.

Agents are being encouraged to look out for details of ‘Club California’ events taking place in the UK over the coming months, with the first scheduled for Chester and Birmingham.

Visit California president and chief executive Caroline Beteta said: “Travel is a time and place that gives us permission to embrace play, and California offers every visitor an opportunity to play in a way that speaks to them.”

The Ultimate Playground idea draws on a US study outlining the importance of play in our daily lives.

Statistics cited in the research include the Visit California finding that 66% of UK travellers say they “want more play” in their lives, and the marketing body’s claim that 43% say “holidays are the only time I have to really let go and play”.

Beteta said: “California’s playful lifestyle, paired with our abundance of experiences, create something no other destination can claim – California is The Ultimate Playground.

“The power of play is scientifically proven, and majorities of every generation aren’t satisfied with the amount of time they spend playing. It’s time for that to change.”

Visit California is teaming up with Virgin Atlantic to promote The Ultimate Playground in the UK and Ireland, with trade activity set to be publicised in “a few weeks”.

The US study, from the National Institute for Play, is called ‘The Power of Play: Losing and Finding Ourselves through Everyday Play’.

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