Accord Marketing: The luxury audience and their habits

Jasman Ahmad, strategy director at Accord Marketing, shares his insights on the luxury audience and their habits. 

Beyond recognising the fact that the luxury traveller is not solely confined to the 55+ AB market, brands need to go one step further and better understand the differences amongst their consumers. This should start with why people want to go on a luxury holiday and how this differs with age.  

Luxury travel provides a moment of bliss to mentally switch off – with 40% of high-end travellers saying relaxation is one of their main reasons for holidaying, according to Mintel’s 2021 Luxury Travel Report. Interestingly, this figure rises to 48% for the 16-34 market, which is a reflection of their busier lifestyles and need and want to totally relax away from all distractions. 

On the flipside, the older demographic is more concerned with choosing a luxury holiday to make up for the time lost due to Covid-19. According to Mintel, 48% of the 55+ market say this is a key motivator vs 35% of the overall luxury travel audience. If we consider the fact that this age group may have been delaying an overseas trip longer than others due to being more cautious, it’s no surprise that they are prepared to push the boat out for their first trip away.

Understanding specific motivators is vital for planning your marketing communications moving forward. Tapping into that emotional desire rather than a sales-focused need is key for luxury travel marketing. 

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