Seychelles travel alert issued after explosion and flooding

A travel alert has been issued for the Seychelles after a construction site explosion and flooding triggered a state of emergency.

At least 100 casualties were reported due to the blast in the industrial area of Providence, with the impact also felt at the airport.

The incident was compounded by flooding caused by torrential rains in the northern region of Mahé.

The Foreign Office warned in updated travel advice: “Due to heavy rains and an industrial accident during the night of 6 December a state of emergency has been declared on 7 December. 

“If you are in Seychelles on the island of Mahé, you are advised to refrain from leaving your accommodation until further notice.

“Flights to and from the country continue to operate and visitors arriving or departing are able to travel to and from the airport.

“Swimming in the sea in the north east of the island of Mahé is currently not advised due to an overflow of the sewage system caused by heavy rains. 

“You should follow advice from the local authorities as the situation progresses.

“Inter-island public transport is operating daily. If you intend to travel between islands, you should consult the relevant ferry and airline service schedules.”

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