‘Only three hotels’ damaged in Rhodes wildfires region

Only three out of 75 hotels in the area of Rhodes struck by wildfires have suffered from “partial damage”, Greek tourism authorities have disclosed.

The Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) reiterated information from the island’s fire brigade that the affected area accounts for about 10% of Rhodes.

Around 90% of the 19,000 evacuated tourists left temporary accommodation centres on Monday and were transferred to other hotels, to their previous properties or to the airport for their return flights. 

The remaining 10% are in the process of being transferred to the airport or additional hotel rooms, with the tourism organisation expecting all to have left temporary accommodation such as sports halls, schools and private homes.

New arrivals to Rhodes have been postponed by tour operators until July 29, “with the possibility of further extensions if required”.

Airport open

Rhodes international airport is fully operational, facilitating return flights for repatriating tourists from evacuated hotels, but also new flights bringing tourists for their holidays to the unaffected areas the island, the GNTO said.

Tourism minister Olga Kefalogianni visited Rhodes, holding meetings with local officials, tourism agencies, and inspected the temporary facilities that housed the holidaymakers. 

She said: “Greece wants to send a clear message of safety abroad, as the safety of visitors is paramount, and Greece is capable of handling major crises.”

Temporary shelters were fully equipped with essential provisions, such as food, water, clothing and hygiene items, ensuring the well-being of those affected, according to the GNTO.  

More pharmacies and supermarkets were also activated to provide additional support on Sunday.

The GNTO added: “Thanks to the co-ordinated efforts of various stakeholders, including government authorities, local officials, first responders, suppliers, volunteers, and citizens of Rhodes, the evacuation was carried out with vigilance and efficiency and no incidents of harm to human life were reported. 

“The collaboration and solidarity exhibited during this challenging time exemplify the spirit and resilience that Greece embodies.

“The evacuation process was facilitated through a range of means of transportation, including tourist buses, private boats, merchant ships, Coast Guard vessels, and private vehicles. 

“The accommodation plan was strategically executed, with tourists being hosted in air-conditioned sports facilities, hotel conference rooms, public spaces (schools), private school facilities, and private residences, generously offered by the citizens of Rhodes. 

“This display of solidarity and hospitality was especially heart warming during the peak of the tourist season.”

The Ministry of Tourism and its regional office set up a 16-hour help desk to address any inquiries and concerns from tourists and their families. 

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