‘Near space’ tourism venture Halo Space unveils interior design of first capsule

A new ‘near space’ tourism company specialising in stratospheric zero-emission commercial flights has unveiled the interior design of its first space capsule, The Aurora.

The spaceship, designed by London-based studio Frank Stephenson Design, will be five metres wide and three-and-a-half metres tall and made of aluminium alloy and composite materials.

The pressurised capsule will be brought “to the edge of space” - between 15 and 25 miles high – via a helium balloon, which the brand said created an “easy ascent with no increased G-forces”. 

The average flight time will be between four and six hours, with one to two hours at a maximum altitude of 21 miles, allowing passengers to observe the curvature of the Earth.

Halo Space said the design of The Aurora was inspired by Space Age architecture and design, with heavy use of curved lines and edges and reflective materials. 

The capsule will house eight passengers in seats that branch out from the centre of the capsule “like the arms of the Milky Way”. 

Halo Space said the vehicle’s 2.82-square-metre, 360-degree viewing window was “one of the largest windows in the space tourism industry”.

Chief executive Carlos Mira said: “Passengers will spend up to six hours inside our spaceship, and we want every minute to be unforgettable.

“Frank and his team have created a capsule to enhance our flight experience, utilising unique resources, design and technology. They went well beyond beautiful aesthetics and smart ergonomics and partnered closely with our technology partners to craft the safest and most functional vessel possible.” 

Frank Stephenson, creative director and founder of Frank Stephenson Design, added: “Working on a project of this magnitude brings about many challenges from a design perspective. Crafting a beautiful interior for passengers whilst considering factors like strict safety regulations and weight distribution gave us some challenging hurdles to overcome. I am so proud of what we have achieved.”

Halo Space plans to begin offering commercial flights in 2026, with prices starting at $164,000. The company said it was in “active conversation with some of the leading players in the luxury travel agent and concierge sector”.

The brand aims to service 10,000 passengers by 2030.

Founded in 2021, Halo Space was initially incubated by consulting firm Arthur D. Little in its Breakthrough Incubator programme.

Halo Space secured €5 million in seed funding and now operates independently.

The company works with a select group of top aerospace companies including CT Engineering Group, Aciturri, GMV and TIFR in the development of its spaceflight programme.

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