Cookson Adventures launches wellness programme

Luxury tour operator Cookson Adventures has introduced a dedicated 'wellness adventure' arm.

Named Breathe, the new initiative will provide holistic, exploration-led programmes in some of the world’s most isolated destinations. 

Three initial concepts have been developed so far: Breathe Zen in Yakushima, Japan focuses on the restorative processes of nature; Breathe Deep is centred around the freedom of freediving on a remote private island; and Breathe Ice in Norway celebrates the regenerative powers of the cold. 

Cookson said each concept had been designed to help guests engage with their body and mind “away from civilisation and the usual crowded spa resorts”. 

But it stressed that Breathe could be highly tailored to fit the client's needs and preferences. 

“Wellness is a global phenomenon but there is very little that offers a truly personalised experience. Yet it is deeply personal and different for everyone, so I am excited and incredibly proud to be offering something new and exploration-focused to the wellness industry," said chief executive Adam Sebba.

“We know through our experts that to become truly mindful, you have to escape and disconnect from the modern world. That’s why we’ve developed experiences in the most exquisite destinations on earth, a thousand miles away from the typical spa resort or group wellness retreat. Breathe has the power to be truly transformational.”