Zimbabwe: 'Real change is coming'

ourism is on the verge of booming once again according to specialist operator Zambezi Safari and Travel Company.

Managing director John Berry believes “real change is coming” and is urging agents who are passionate about Africa to take another look at Zimbabwe.

“By supporting the conservationists and safari operators you’ll be directly contributing to wildlife preservation, keeping people in employment and experiencing some of Africa’s finest into the bargain.

According to Berry, around 95 per cent of safari enthusiasts canvassed about Zimbabwe over the last decade were adamant about not visiting.

But since 2009 when the media restrictions and travel advisories were lifted, he has witnessed a gradual swing in opinion.

Now he’s seeing an increased interest, with around two thirds of guests attending most recent presentations at the Adventure Travel Live and Destinations shows in London wanting to visit.

He added: “We have a Zimbabwe campaign ready to go.

“We’re keeping an eye on what happens with the forthcoming elections, but the time is ripe to rediscover Zimbabwe,” he conc