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Flights between Heathrow and Accra are being suspended by Virgin Atlantic partly due to high fuel costs in Ghana.

The airline’s last flight on the route will depart Accra for London on September 23.

Exceptionally high fuel costs in Ghana, a challenging wider economic environment and an inability to operate morning arrivals from Accra due to scarcity of slots at Heathrow, have all contributed to the decision to withdraw the service.

Flights to Ghana were launched three years ago to compete with British Airways on the Accra route.

Virgin Atlantic airline planning director Edmond Rose said: "We have had to take the difficult decision to suspend our services between London and Accra.

"We were excited to enter the market and have been pleased to be part of the growth and development taking place in the country.

"However, we have been severely impacted by the price of fuel in Ghana which has resulted in us being forced to tanker fuel into Accra from the UK.

"Scarcity of slots at London Heathrow has meant that we have been unable to offer morning arrivals into London, which makes us a less attractive option for the business traveller. This has also limited our ability to offer connections onto our wider transatlantic network.

"These are still challenging times for the airline industry and we have to deploy our aircraft to routes with the right level of demand to be financ