Typhoon Nesat batters Hong Kong

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A strong typhoon has brought Hong Kong to a standstill with high winds and rain forcing the suspension of all ferries and some bus services.

Schools, financial markets, and businesses have shut as Typhoon Nesat swept through the territory resulting in some flights being delayed.

The city issued a number eight storm signal before 05:00 local time today as 60 mph winds hit. The Hong Kong stock exchange was forced to shut for a day while trains were operating at a reduced frequency.

Two people, including a taxi driver, were injured when scaffolding collapsed onto a taxi, according to local reports. A large cargo barge crashed into the seafront after slipping its moorings and about 50 people had to be evacuated from a nearby block of flats.

At noon local time, Typhoon Nesat was 230 miles southwest of Hong Kong and was moving towards China's Hainan Island. At least 18 people died when the typhoon swept?through the Philippines earlier this week.

NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS?Rapid Response Team at