TravelTime World sets out ‘It’s easy being green’ principles

Berkhamsted agency TravelTime World has launched a series of eco-friendly initiatives under the banner ‘It’s easy being green’.

Taking inspiration from Kermit the Frog’s song, It’s Not Easy Being Green, the slogan crossed out the ‘not’ as part of the agency’s drive show how clients can travel more sustainably.

Ashley Quint, director, said the agency already had implemented several environmental and community efforts such as recycling and supporting local charities.

But the new campaign aims to collate all these disparate activities in one place and to develop a responsible travel guide for clients.

Furthermore, he said the agency aspires to the principles set out by B Corp, a certification standard for companies around the world, whereby businesses aim to make a positive impact on staff, communities, customers and the planet.

“It’s our ambition to be one of the first travel agencies in the UK to reach this standard,” he said.

“You hear about big companies doing this but we’re trying to work out how it fits for a travel agency.

“It’s all about building a better travel industry.”

In a blog about the campaign, he noted how the agency will mark its 30th anniversary next year and added: “We want to make sure we’re able to have the same experiences in 30 years’ time, there for our children and grandchildren to enjoy just as much as we have been able to…for them to lie on the same beach in the Maldives, visit the same indigenous community in Fiji or see the coral at the amazing Great Barrier Reef.”

He said that while the agency was developing the initiative, he realised how many little activities it already does, “which can all add up”.

Agency owner Jackie Steadman drives an electric hybrid car, while Quint has a Brompton bike, and they both travel with as little luggage as possible.

“We have also reduced our paper consumption, implemented a cycling scheme and were one of the first agencies to remove set uniforms,” he added.

The campaign offers clients about cutting single-use plastics, travelling lighter, being conscious of local customs and contributing to the local economy.

The agency will have its first Environmental, Social and Governance Policy (ESG), which sets out the grounding principles of its journey in making its holidays sustainable and responsible.

It is talking to tour operator partners about the paperwork that clients need for their holiday and ensuring does not produce unnecessary promotional items such as bags, bottles, balloons, pens, luggage labels or ticket wallets.

His blog continued: “Travel can be a force for good in the world and being environmentally and socially aware of our impact isn’t about being an ‘eco-warrior’ but understanding what that impact is and how you can minimise it.

“We’re going to influence and educate – by selling products which are more environmentally friendly, recommending hotels which have a positive contribution to the environment and methods of transport such as trains which have lower carbon emissions, as well as habits and behaviour when travelling.”

Ashley Quint of TravelTime World on his Brompton bike
Ashley Quint of TravelTime World on his Brompton bike

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