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Average salaries for new travel jobs dipped by 2.64% in July to £24,635 but still increased by 0.30% year on year, latest data shows.

Pay for standard travel roles - those with salaries of less than £40,000 - dropped by 3.28% in the month to £19,646 but was still up by 2.70% compared to July 2013.

However, pay for executive roles - £40,000-plus - increased at its fastest rate for at least two and a half years to reach its highest level so far this year, according to the latest Travel Salary Index from C&M Travel Recruitment and Chisholm & Moore Executive Recruitment.

July also saw a sharp increase in the number of candidates registering their interest in new roles.

More new candidates searched for jobs last month than at any point since October 2013, with the month also seeing the fastest increase in new registrations since January 2014.

C&M Travel Recruitment and Chisholm & Moore Executive Recruitment sales director Barbara Kolosinska said: “Executive salaries reached a new high last month and rose at the fastest rate we’ve ever seen since beginning tracking wages at the start of 2012.

“Standard travel salaries fared less well in July, but they remain up compared to the same month last year with the dip likely to be a result of a slight reduction in the number of higher salaried management positions becoming available.”

She added: “We’ve seen a big increase in new candidate registrations in the past month, which is obviously great news.

“The rise suggests that people now have a bit more confidence in the economy, are more secure in their current job and feel comfortable enough to assess their career prospects.

“This, of course, also presents a great opportunity for companies in the travel industry who can now attempt to take advantage of the wider selection of great candidates in