Travel Counsellors launches its own social network

ype site has been developed by Travel Counsellors to aid internal communications between its 1,100 agents around the world.

Agents can embed weblinks from across the internet, add their own images and post videos straight from YouTube, for example.

They also have the ability to ‘like’ posts, similar to Facebook, as well as follow other agents and staff who they feel are of particular interest.

The system is also being optimised for mobile devices, including the introduction of a dedicated mobile app, so agents can access and use the system wherever they are.

The system is an expansion of existing messageboards on the company’s intranet. Agents also have the ability to speak to each other in real time via webcam or through instant messaging software free of charge.

A spokeswoman said: “As a company we continue to grow and expand our family of agents globally but this technology ensures we maintain our strong sense of community.

“Not only does this collective sharing of knowledge enable our Travel Counsellors to offer their customers a level of personal service and insightful advice that is unrivalled in the travel industry, it also enables them to support and motivate one another, creating a sense of camaraderie and friendship that means that although they work alone, they never actually feel alone.

“It also means that if they want any business related advice and tips there is always someone at hand to offer this from a first-hand p