Tourism Australia board launches cultural attractions collection

lia is creating a collection of cultural and historical attractions across the country to help agents market the experiences to customer. The tourist board’s new Cultural Attractions of Australia collection is due to launch next spring. It will include places of interest, from museums and galleries to historical sites and cultural institutions such as The Sovereign Hill museum in Ballarat, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Sydney Opera House.

It is the latest themed collection put together by Tourism Australia as part of its Signature Experiences of Australia programme. Other themed collections include golf, wildlife, fishing, walking, wine, luxury lodges and Aboriginal art. 

The tourist board promotes the collections to the trade and consumers.

The new cultural collection will be supported by a brochure. It will highlight little-known experiences at each attraction, such as the opportunity to be an extra in an opera cast at Sydney Opera House.

A training module based on the collection will be added to the Aussie Specialist Program.

Karen Fitzgerald, global manager of experiences for Tourism Australia, said more attractions were being sought to feature in the collection from Western Australia and Northern Territory.

She added:

 “We are trying to get agents to encourage clients to come and enjoy some outstanding, inspirational experiences.”

Tourism Australia is also increasing its focus on the premium market and looking at ways to encourage the trade to promote the country as a high-end des

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