The hotel that offers to unlock your potential

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A holiday that offers to help clients understand themselves and channel their creative potential is coming up in October.

Those who join Aura Week at Lanserhof?Tegernsee (17 – 24) will be invited to join free lectures and, at an extra cost, take part in individual sessions and workshops.

These will be with Martin and Oazis Zoller. Martin is one of the world’s most successful medial consultants. Governments, state security services and law enforcement agencies rely on his skills. By analysing and interpreting the energy fields emitted by humans - their aura - he advises and supports in matters related to work and partnerships, as well as legal and political situations.

Oazis is a spiritual teacher, medial life coach, with her self-developed “Soul Map Technology”, author and member of the "Science and Consciousness Institute" in Israel.

She sheds light on the connection between spirituality and quantum physics. Her teachings on how to be happier in life and achieve the best results in accordance with the universal laws are truly inspiring.

The hotel has also introduced the relatively unknown fascia training. This plays an important role in holistic training programs, from those aimed to aid recovery from muscle strain injuries in sports and chronic pain to those used as general balanced training methods.

Fascia can be described as collagenous connective tissue - loosening techniques such as fascia rolls, gentle counter-movements, flexing and stretching as well as sensomotoric exercises can help improve physical performance on multiple levels. Not only is the connective tissue tightened by the accelerated collagen-renewal.

But the exercises involved can also improve posture and speed and release tension that result from stress, poor nutrition and too little or too much exercis