The evolution of spa and wellness

lling spa and wellness holidays lies in linking the trip away with a client’s home life, according to itSpa founder Richard Joslin.

Joslin believes the dynamic of travel in this sector is changing and extending.

He explained: “Historically a consumer might go to stay at a wellness retreat in India, completely unwind from their stressful job, then come back to UK and head back to the stress of work on Monday.

“But now some operators are looking to extend the reach of the holiday by organising re-entry packages that get their clients booked in to similar treatments or activities in their local area on their return.

“This could be the next couple of weekends or indefinitely so that the benefits of the retreat are incorporated into the life of the client and do permanent good.

“People do not want to let it drop after two weeks now - the want to keep their mind body and soul in the place their trip took it to.”

ItSpa is a global spa and wellness travel exhibition and conference that takes place for the first time next February in Istanbul.

It will function much like ILTM but with a spa and wellness focus that will see buyers meeting with sales directors and spa directors with a view to drive international spa tourism.

Joslin believes hotel accountants have “woken up” to the need to push spas harder and fill them more.

He added: “They have realised that after spending x million on redeveloping the spa the hotel is at, for example 70%, which is great but the spa is losing money.

“Buyers want to talk details about the spa and sales directors naturally don’t tend to know as much as the spa director – it makes sense to have them both in meetings but has not been done until now.”

Agents who want to sell more spa need to understand that it is not a casual undertaking, according to Joslin. Knowledge is paramount and the best way to learn more is to experience them.

There will also be a series of seminars during the conference that will be made available online at