SLH unveils iPad and mobile sites

d (SLH) has launched iPad and mobile friendly formats of its website.

The marketing and sales platform has 520 hotel members in more than 70 countries.

Chief executive Paul Kerr said: “It is now vital that businesses move to mobile optimised sites as 50.3% of the UK now owns a smart phone.

“As an avid iPad user myself, it was hugely important that our excellent website could be accessed wherever one is in the world on a mobile-friendly versions of the site”.

When accessing on the iPad, users are now automatically routed to the new version of the site.

Currently SLH receives over 2,000 visits every week from iPad users, with the first week of February 2012 seeing 63 reservations made through the iPad.

The phone version is compatible with all iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry operating systems.

The site currently receiving 3,500 visits a week from iPhone users and a further 900 visits a week from Android users, both of which are expected to continue to grow throug