Scenic Eclipse II completes sea trials

New Scenic luxury yacht Scenic Eclipse II has completed sea trials ahead of entering into service next month.

The ship’s first sailing is an 11-day Iberian itinerary from Lisbon to Barcelona on April 13.

The 114-suite vessel will be named at a ceremony in Malaga in early June after joining near-identical sister ship Scenic Eclipse in service for the company.

The ship returned to its shipyard in Rijeka, Croatia for final fit out in advance of its inaugural cruise.

The sea trials over two weekends in February took place in the northern Adriatic between Croatia and Italy to demonstrate its performance with a series of checks on speed, stability and manoeuvrability overseen by engineers and nautical experts. 

With the introduction of Scenic Eclipse II, the ultra-luxury cruise operator will sail to more than 50 countries across all seven continents this year and in 2024.

Marine operations vice president James Griffiths said: “Scenic Eclipse II has been built to the highest standards and it is fantastic to see the discovery yacht sail through the sea trials and surpass all expectations; the countdown to launch really is now on.

“Nearly identical to her sister ship, with a few exclusive enhancements, Scenic Eclipse II is the benchmark in ultra-luxury cruising taken to a new level. 

“She will spend the summer season exploring the Mediterranean, Iceland and Scotland, before moving on to warmer Caribbean waters and Antarctica. 

“In 2024, Scenic Eclipse II will also visit Polynesia, Indonesia and Australia, where Scenic was founded 37 years ago.”

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