Sales through Aito Specialist Agents up 40%

as reported a sales increase of 40% in June 2011 compared with the same month last year via its Aito All Stars incentive scheme.

The scheme rewards its agent members for booking Aito holidays and involves an ongoing league table of top booking agents and rewards them with monthly prizes, as well as a luxury Caribbean fam trip in association with ITC Classics for the top eight selling agents across the first half of 2011 and annual awards.

The two organisations have a Closer Ties agreement, offering numerous benefits to the consumer including 100% financial protection, lowest prices possible and maintenance of high standards.

Oliver Broad, chairman of Aito Specialist Travel Agents, said: "This sales rise in June is fantastic news, demonstrating the growing strength of the partnership between Aito agents and operators.

AITO Agents recorded the highest level of sales through its Aito All stars incentive scheme in June 2011 since the scheme started in February 2010.?

“June was a milestone month for our organisation, with the first-ever joint Aito Agents and Aito overseas conference held in Vilnius, helping to reinforce even greater links in the spirit of the Closer Ties scheme and clearly contributing to this great sales rise.”

The data is collated from a sample of Aito tour operators that take part, currently 40 tour operators provide sales data to AITO HQ for the AITO Agents group.?

Sales of these participating tour operators holidays by Aito?Agent members equalled nearly £2.5m in