Roundtable: Personalisation within the travel industry

cussion events are not uncommon but when MSLGROUP asked me to join a conversation centred on personalisation with hoteliers, airlines and cruise lines I was intrigued.
Chaired by founding editor of Mr & Mrs Smith Juliet Kinsman the groups’ conversation spanned personalisation in many aspects of the industry, which included examples of operators sending pre-holiday travel packs to selective services on board flights and the importance of unique experiences in creating a memorable trip. The conversations also included views on when the line is crossed from personalised to intrusive. The question was posed is the line moving due to the data we share about ourselves and the human touch? And could we ever see a robot or AI delivering the same level of personalisation? The resounding agreement was that it’s not just the first impression but increasingly the last impression that affects repeat bookings.

The breakfast, held at The Beaumont Hotel, was an enlightened discussion benefiting from the insights of contributors from varied backgrounds. This included representatives from MSLGROUP offering agency insight such as studies into personalised booking patterns, online research habits, the future of travel communications and industry perceptions.

If you are invited to the next MSLGROUP Breakfast do not miss the chance to get involved. To find out more about what was discussed read the blog from the event on MSLGROUP’s website.

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