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Video and new images have been added to a revamped Cook Islands Tourism Corporation consumer website.

The site supports localised content for different countries around the world.

It will have a centralised database and CMS, but have country-specific logins, so each country manager can manage their own content.

Each localised version will have a combination of shared generic and tailored country-specific content.

The next steps are to bring foreign language versions online, starting with German, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese, with completion expected this year.

The Pacific island nation’s tourism corporation chief executive Halatoa Fua said: “The website is a key tool in the corporation’s digital marketing work and will assist in the ongoing objective of creating awareness for the Cook Islands.”

Sales and marketing director, Karla Eggelton, added: “Once the consumer site is delivering to full function and expectation, efforts will be concentrated on a corporate site catering to the needs of our industry members on island and abroad.”

This second phase will include a new-look specialists’ training programme.

She said: “The priority for us is ensuring is more than an information portal.

“We want new and returning visitors to find depth and relevance in our content and use our website for all stages of the path to purchase.

“Emphasis was therefore placed on the user experience, providing relevant and engaging information, along with positive journey mapping and conversion measurement.

“While our multiple tourism sites have performed well in the past few years, we expect to see exponential engagement with this universal approach we have adopted by improving cost efficiencies and investing in digital marketing. Our social media activity will also work hand in hand in driving traffic t