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Government advice and sensationalist media headlines have been condemned for discouraging travel to Greece during its financial crisis.

Responsible Travel has?reacted by releasing its own version of Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice which encourages tourists to visit Greece responsibly.

The company said it objects to the tone of the government advice, which focuses solely on the potential problems for holidaymakers without any balancing argument that Greece needs the support of UK tourists.

Amid consumer media reports that travellers are shunning Greece, managing director, Justin Francis, called on the trade to show solidarity with the country.

Tourism makes up 18% of Greek GDP and 19% of the labour force is involved directly or indirectly in the industry.

“One of the best things we can do to support Greek people is to continue to travel to the country, however the tone of the messaging and advice from the UK government, and subsequently the mass media, completely contradicts this,” Francis said.

"The government of course has a duty to advise its citizens, but the information is given out-of-context, deterring travellers with little thought given to the negative impact on the Greek tourism industry.

“Although we are not being told explicitly to not visit, the messages being sent to the UK public is clear – a trip to Greece will be more trouble than it’s worth.”

He added: "Tourists couldn’t be more welcome than they are now – the Greek people need them to keep travelling – and it’s this which underpins our travel advice, alongside the practical tips and considerations as put forward by the FCO, and by our members on the ground in Greece.”

Christos Panagiotopoulos, general director of Responsible Travel member, Arkas Travel, based in the Pelopponese, added: “We never heard of any incident with tourists, or any problems with supplies.

“In contrast I would say that during this time, we the Greeks understand that we need tourism more than ever. Tourism is the strongest column of our economy and we do our best to support it.”

Responsible Travel’s alternative advice