Refurb at Corfu's most luxurious all inclusive

Marbella Beach Hotel is about to start a two year renovation project that it believes will make it the most luxurious all-inclusive resort in Corfu.

The hotel, which has views of the Ionian Sea and mainland Greece, is close to Agios Ioannis Peristeron.

The renovation will take place in two phases, the first to be completed in May this year, the second in 2013.

The first phase sees 265 renovated rooms opening for business with the promise of “contemporary design, neutral tones, elegant furnishings, floor to ceiling windows and spacious balconies.

The beach bar and restaurant will also have been transformed by then, the beaches sand levels will be boosted and sun loungers will become mattress affairs.

Two new gourmet restaurants will join the arsenal of dining options and in phase two the remaining 119 rooms will be renovated along with other public areas, the spa and the gym.

Also in the wings is the hotel’s new website. www.marbe