Puerto Rico to build rival to The Palm Dubai

to follow in the footsteps of Dubai to create an offshore masterpiece to rival The Palm.

The Caribbean island’s artificial archipelago will be in the shape of its national animal – a frog called the Coqui.

The plan is to build a series of luxury hotels and villas on the new land with the ‘Frog’s Tongue’ constantly outstretched to provide a docking point for yachts.

A spokesman said: “We watched the success of The Palm in Dubai with much interest as we have loads of spare sand here and were not sure what to do with it.

“Clearly is has been a success and we believe we can do just as good a job but with frogs being far more interesting than palm trees we expect it to be even more popular.”

The Frog will be the size of 83 football pitches and will be connected to the mainland by an underground tunnel.

The fingers look likely to be the most sought after real estate with a host of celebrities reportedly showing early