£8,000 up for grabs from If Only...

tor If Only...? is giving away £8,000 worth of capital bonds in partnership with Emirates.

Agents booking holidays with the operator in January and February that include Emirates flights could win a share of the money.

Every day until February 26 ?one agent who has made a booking that day will be chosen randomly awarded £100.

And on one day a week, again randomly chosen, the prize will be increased to £500.

A daily e-shot to all agents will announce the lucky winner from the day before and also announce if that day is the bonus £500 day.

Managing Director Brendan Maguire said: “We are delighted that Emirates has joined us in this incentive, and working with our partner hotels we have some fantastically priced offers at this busy time of year.?

“The random aspect of choosing the lucky agent and the ‘£500 day’ adds to the excitement, but as they say you have to be in it to win it!”

To book an If Only... trip call 0141 955 4000

The operator specialises in holidays to the Indian Ocean, the Far East and Arabia.