Northern Lights brighten up Icelandic tourism

n Lights has helped spur a rise in British travellers to Iceland.

Visitor figures rose by 15% year on year in February following a 5% increase in January. Latest statistics from Visit Iceland show that British visitors increased from 6,116 in February 2010 to 7,033 last month.

There was an increase in visitor numbers across all nationalities in February with a year-on-year increase of 12% from 20,293 to 22,849.

British visitors represented the largest proportion of international arrivals at 30%.?February is a peak month to view the Northern Lights. The days also begin to get longer giving visitors more daylight hours.?
Visit Iceland is holding a joint trade workshop with the tourist boards of Estonia and Finland in London on March 29 to help agents learn more about the country.

The tourist board’s UK and Ireland marketing manager Sigga Gróa Þórarinsdóttir said: “We are delighted that British visitor numbers have been continually rising through the early part of 2011 as it demonstrates the strength of Iceland’s tourism sector and British interest in it.
“Next winter we hope for even more visitors as the Northern Lights will shine at their brightest level for 50 years making it an exciting time to see the mystical li