New Zealand seeks to double tourism revenue

y is working closer together than ever before to achieve a huge growth in tourism revenue by 2025.

The target for that year is NZ$41bn up from around NZ$20bn currently.

The strategy is outlined by a programme entitled Tourism 2025 that focuses on five main pillars: improving productivity and profit, honing the visitor experience; growing sustainable air connectivity; targeting high value visitors; and a drive to improve and share data.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive Kevin Bowler said: “Tourism 2025 has been driven by the industry working closely together and will succeed if it continues to do so.
“To achieve the target we need to achieve a 6% growth rate every year.”

The government is investing NZ$34m to promote the country with NZ$20m focused on premium travellers over the next 4 years.

The aim is also to encourage more travellers to spend their entire trip in New Zealand rather than having it as part of a multi-centre, especially the growing Chinese market.

Bowler added: “We are seen as a seasonal destination by some markets so need to demonstrate that there are reasons to come here all year round.”

Bowler also described Tourism 2025 as a “significant s