Mallorca Hotel opens new cliff side suites

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Three suites have opened at former military fortress hotel?Cap Rocat in Mallorca.

The Sentinels were originally surveillance points hewn into the rock face of the private peninsula on which Cap Rocat stands, overlooking the Bay of Palma.?

Designer Antonio Obrador, who created the original hotel which opened in 2010, has blended the rough rock of the walls with delicate woods, handmade rugs, pebble details, soft local fabrics dressing the King size beds and large mirrors.???

Each has a private terrace, integrated into the cliffs, with Plexiglass walls for views over the sea, a plunge pool, outdoor seating area and large day beds.

Managing director of Marugal Hotels Pablo Carrington said: “Because of the original strategic position of The Sentinels, the rooms and terraces are totally private, and cannot be seen from any other rooms - or from the sea.? Truly away-from-it-all.”