Kuoni's Derek Jones promoted to UK managing director

ution and operations Derek Jones has been promoted to?UK managing director?as part of a restructure following Kuoni's?acquisition of GTA.

All European tour operating arms of the Kuoni Group will operate under a new division called Outbound Europe.? The new division consists of Outbound Kuoni Nordic, Outbound Kuoni Europe sales units,?a new online/mobile unit and?a procurement?and production unit.

The procurement?and production unit will be led by Joanna Edmunds who has been promoted from managing director Kuoni UK. This unit is responsible for all purchasing and production activities for both the Apollo and Kuoni brands in Europe.

Edmunds said:?"By consistently bundling these activities and aligning product development initiatives more closely, we will be able to generate significant further synergies within our European tour operating business, strengthen our buying position and improve the product and service offerings to our customers."

The?new online?and mobile unit is responsible for all business-to-consumer websites including Octopus Travel, which was acquired with the purchase of GTA.?The division is also responsible for?developing new internet and mobile communications.

The heads of units will begin their new roles on