Kuoni seeks advice from a shrink

teamed up with a psychotherapist to create a list of tips on how to make the most out of a holiday.

Christine Webber also offers signs to look out for that reveal a holiday is desperately needed.

She said: “In my Harley Street practice I frequently see patients who present with many of these signs of needing a holiday.?

“And if the weather here is indifferent on top of all of that, they definitely start craving some warmth and sun.

“Even a short break away from the work routine can help them see the wood from the trees and restore a balance in their lives. ”

These insights are part of Kuoni’s new microsite called The Holiday Health Experiment, which has been set up to better understand the health impact of a holiday on the body.

?1.?????????? Can’t sleep because your mind is whirring with everything you have to do.
2.??????????? Feel tired all the time.
3.??????????? Feel irritable – and likely to fly off the handle at small, every day annoyances.
4.??????????? You and your partner never seem to have any time to have a relaxing, romantic evening together.
5.??????????? Have a lot of muscular tension in your neck and shoulders.
6.??????????? Look pasty and washed out and in need of some sunlight.
7.??????????? Feel overwhelmed by your work, or the state of your home, or both.
8.??????????? Suffering from more headaches than usual.
9.??????????? Have little or no desire to make love.
10.????????? Feel unfit but can’t seem to find time to exercise – and everything just feels like too much of an effort.

Top 10 tips on how to make the most of your holiday are:

1.??????????? Try to wind down for a couple of days before you go away rather maintain a hectic schedule right till the moment of departure.
2.??????????? Don’t pack more than you really need – you don’t want to put your back out heaving your overloaded suitcase off the carousel.
3.??????????? Try to pick a destination that will provide something for everyone in your family or group of friends.
4.??????????? If you’re a parent, resist the idea of saving money by having the kids sleep in your room. This might help your pocket but will do nothing for restoring romance to your relationship.
5.??????????? Do build some gentle exercise into your holiday, even if you plan to sit around and do very little. You’ll feel happier and fitter as a consequence.
6.??????????? Do interest yourself in the culture and history of your destination: you’ll get far more out of your holiday as a result.
7.??????????? Build some variety into your break: rushing around sightseeing all the time is tiring, but equally, sitting around doing nothing can be boring and unfulfilling. Most of us feel better if we have some structure to our time off.
8.??????????? Buy a Kindle if you don’t already have one. That way you can have half a dozen books on the go without having to carry them all around.
9.??????????? Have a massage or a beauty treatment at some point. It will feel extra beneficial because you’re relaxed and have time to enjoy it.
10.????????? Spend time just chilling and talking to your family. You can often make good decisions about your future and build closer ties when you have time just to be together and chat about your feelings.