Kuoni focuses on wellness

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Kuoni has introduced a range?of holidays to improve health and wellbeing.

The holidays, which are designed to address issues such as sleep and weight loss, are now on sale at Kuoni shops across the UK as part of a partnership with specialist company Wellbeing Escapes.

A team of Kuoni personal travel experts have been trained to advise customers about holidays which focus on different aspects of health and wellbeing, such as yoga retreats, fitness boosters, stress management and detoxing.?

The worldwide wellbeing collection includes stress management in the foothills of the Himalayas, discover and unwind by the lakeside in Italy, weight-loss and detox at a luxurious retreat in Thailand and introductory wellbeing boosters by the ocean in Cyprus.?

The partnership comes as a result of increased demand for holidays in beautiful locations which offer more than just spa treatments - they offer guests an opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of their health.?

Kuoni’s vice president commercial and product said: “Modern life is busy, stressful and, at times, toxic to both physical and mental health and people are looking for a better balance.

“We know from our own research that holidays have become central to people’s health and happiness. Now that is being taken to the next level – we are seeing more customers who want time away in beautiful and inspiring surroundings, with no distractions and expert advice on hand.”

The wellness sector is one of the fastest growing parts of the travel market.?? Where once holidays were about doing as little as possible and coming back half a stone heavier, there’s been a big shift to reflect demand for healthier lifestyles in recent years with more resorts offering activities, fitness programmes and spas.

More than 60 hand-picked resorts around the world are included in the new wellbeing collection from Kuoni and Wellbeing Escapes, with holidays suited to single travellers as well as couples and smal