Kuoni extends Mombasa trips suspension

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Kuoni yesterday extended the suspension of trips to Mombasa from a fortnight to three weeks.

The operator said: “Any customers that are departing from the UK within the next three weeks, with an itinerary that includes the Kenyan coast, are able to cancel free of charge or amend to an alternative destination with no administration fee but at the applicable cost.”

Vivian McCarthy, general manager of Acacia Africa, said: “Our tours do not go into Mombasa city or to any of the ‘warned against’ areas.

“We are still selling Kenya, and the country, which forms part of our East Africa programmes, is still a very popular destination."

She added: “We would not travel into an area if the advisory issued was ‘against all but essential travel’ into that area.

“Moreover, we might still not travel into an area if the FCO did not have an advisory issued but we nevertheless considered, from information received locally, that it was uns