Japan operator to fill knowledge black hole

s has created an agent E-newsletter to ‘help those who don’t know a thing’ about the destination.

The Bristol-based specialists sent the first of their quarterly letters entitled Japan Iko this week with the aim of ensuring agents are confident enough to sell Japan.

Co-director Alastair Donnelly said: “We are always looking for ways to extend our close working relationship with agents and to make their work easier.

“Through our work with Aito and Advantage agents, we often hear that they just don’t know enough about Japan to be able to offer it to their customers.

“With Japan Iko we hope to set out the basics of the country, highlight interesting destinations, hidden gems, perfect packages and hints and tips about the festivals, seasons and the best time of year to go.

“For example, not many people know that you can dive in the southern subtropics and ski in deep snow of the north at the same time of year.

“We hope it will become a useful resource and invaluable source of information for all agents hoping to offer their customers something completely different.”

The operator also has a range of Japan posters and flyers for agents to use and is keen to offer training and promotional events for all agents wherever they are in the country.

Donnelly added: “We continue to work with many agents and value the relationships we have built up over the years, but hope to help other agents confidently offer a new product that their customers will thank the