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Award-winning singer James Morrison talks to Lucy Huxley about holidays, his idea of paradise, inflight movies and the value of a great travel agent

Brit Award winner James Morrison gave an exclusive live performance at American Airlines’ ‘Above and Beyond’ event to showcase all the investment the carrier is making in its services. Lucy Huxley took the opportunity to catch up with the global music star to find out more about his travel habits.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

I love Hawaii. It’s the closest place to paradise I’ve ever been. It’s like going somewhere untouched, almostprehistoric. I spend the whole time on the beach or in the sea, swimming with all the fish and the turtles. I really appreciate nature. It’s why I also love the Caribbean.

Where is the most fascinating place you’ve ever been for work?

I went to Japan for some gigs and loved it. I’d never been anywhere like it before. It reminded me of the Harrison Ford film Blade Runner. Everything seemed so futuristic. All the colours, noise, lights and mad signage – it was brilliant.

Where did you have your worst travel experience?

I went to Barcelona recently and it rained every day so my time there was just terrible. I’ve been to the city before and had an amazing time, so it’s really interesting how the weather can totally change your impression of a place.

What is your dream destination?

I’d like to go to Thailand. People I know have been and it’s supposed to be lovely. But I also want to go to Brazil, India and, in particular, Africa, because it’s where humanity began and I want to see where we all originated from. I’m quite earthy and spiritual so that trip would be very important to me.

James Morrison

Who do you travel with?

I have a seven-year-old daughter so on holiday I travel with her. But we do a whole range of things – everything from flying first class to Hawaii to camping in Cheddar Gorge. So I even it out to keep her grounded. I took six months off recently and did a lot of travelling with her then.

Where do you stay when you go on holiday?

I tend to stay in really lovely hotels, right on the beach. I like great service, so am happy to pay for somewhere a little bit posher. If it’s the main holiday of the year, then I want it to be really special

Do you get recognised when you’re on holiday?

Sometimes, but it doesn’t bother me. Some people want to hide away, but I just get on with it. I’d never let it ruin my holiday. I just carry on as normal.

How do you book your holidays?

I use a travel agent for everything. All my touring for work and for my holidays. It’s an agent called Travel By Appointment and the consultant I use is called Andrea. I am happy to spend a bit extra with her because she knows what she is doing.

She books things for me and says it’s going to be amazing and when we get there it always is. If I want the dog’s bollocks of a holiday, then I have to book it through her because I know she’ll make it perfect. And it’s so much less hassle doing it all through her too.

What’s important to you whenyou fly?

Safety is number one. I want to fly with an airline that puts my safety at the heart of everything. I hate dodgy landings. After that, it’s films. Airlines have to have great inflight entertainment. If I’m on a flight for six to 10 hours, then I might watch two or three films. I also want great food, and if I’m flying overnight, then I want a good night’s sleep.

It can completely make the difference between a good or a really bad day at work. You get all these things with American Airlines. I started flying with them a lot when I was touring in the States for a while, as they are like the British Airways of the US.

It’s a really good brand with an excellent reputation over there and I haven’t been disappointed.

Where are you flying next?

I’m flying to New York with my partner with American and then we’re going to fly on to Barbados. She’s always wanted to go to New York so it’s going to be amazing.

Your new album is called Higher than Here – is it anything to do with flying?

No, but it could be! It’s really about my spiritual journey. I had to start againafter my last album. I had to think about where I wanted to take my music andalso feel better about myself and it’s help