Half of families spending less on holidays says Tripadvisor

in the UK are spending less on family holidays this year than 2010, a new poll shows.

The TripAdvisor Family Holiday Survey of 2,000 parents, reveals that government spending cuts are “significantly impacting” family holiday spend this year.?The study found that 44% of parents believe government spending cuts will directly impact their travel plans in 2011.

And almost half (46%) have taken their child on holiday during school term time to save money.?A TripAdvisor spokeswoman said: “These findings will come as no surprise to all those parents who are seriously considering sacrificing the family holiday altogether this year.

“For many families, breaking the rules and taking their child out of school to avoid peak holiday costs is regarded as the only way they can afford a family holiday this year.”

She added: "Financially, times are tough for families this year, and when it comes to travel we're likely to see parents making savvy spending decisions, rather than sacrificing the family holiday altogether.

“Parents trying to save money should look to take advantage of early booking discounts or, if there's a larger group, consider a holiday rental option instead." The study reveals significant splits across the UK when it comes to how parents approach family holidays.

When questioned on the importance of fun versus learning on holiday, London parents the most concerned about education with 29% admitting making their child learn about the local culture or language on holiday, compared to the national average of 16%, falling to only 2% of parents in the East Midlands.

Nationally, 26% of parents believe their own preferences are more important on holiday, while 25% claim their child's needs come first. Half of British parents try to strike a balance be