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Banks in Greece will remain shut until at least midnight on Monday as part of the country’s ongoing debt crisis.

Banking restrictions have been in place since last week after a deadlock in bailout talks triggered a rush of cash withdrawals.

Holidaymakers to Greece continue to be advised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to take sufficient cash to cover the duration of their stays with the possibility that banking services “could potentially become limited at short notice”.

The Greek government faces a deadline on Sunday as the EU seeks to find a solution, with prime minister Alexis Tsipras pledging to submit credible reform plans today (Thursday).

Meanwhile, the Greek ministry for economy, infrastructure, shipping and tourism insisted there was no threat to food and fuel supplies.

A statement said the ministry “would like to reassure visitors to Greece that hotels, restaurants, shops and supermarkets have adequate food supplies, the prices of which have remained stable if not reduced as in the case of fresh fruit and vegetables.

“This is also the case for fuel, as gas stations are adequately stocked and prices remain unchanged. Any reports stating the opposite are not reflecting the actual situation on the ground.”

It added: “The ministry for economy via the general secretariat for commerce is working closely with local authorities and food companies and has taken all the necessary steps to ensure the supply of goods to the Greek market continues to operate as normal so that demand is entirely covered not only for the Greek people but also for the numerous visitors who have chosen Greece for thei