G Adventures passes Nepal fundraising target

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Canada-based G Adventures has surpassed the C$200,000 mark in its aid appeal launched in response to the earthquake that struck Nepal last month.

The company increased its initial target from C$75,000 to C$100,000 after meeting it within 48 hours, and matched an additional C$25,000 to encourage continued donations.

The adventure operator is still accepting donations following this week’s second earthquake in Nepal.

G Adventures is covering all administration costs so all donations will directly benefit the initiative.

An amount totalling C$10,000 was made immediately available?to distribute emergency relief in the form of water, food, fuel, and blankets to villages impacted in the Kathmandu Valley.

The balance of funds will be used for the long-term repairing and rebuilding of homes in the region. These include the homes of dozens of porters, guides, and homestay hosts, and the homes of women from a community project in Kathmandu.

The Travel Corporation and escorted tours specialist Collette are among other travel companies donating to the aid effort in Nepal

At least 65 people died in the latest quake and nearly 2,000 were injured, with fears the figures could rise.

The massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April killed more than 8,000 people in Nepal and least 66 people in India.

G Adventures founder, Bruce Poon Tip, said: “We are thrilled with the response to our appeal. Thank you to every person who has contributed and helped spread the word, and continue