G Adventures launches $75,000 Nepal earthquake aid appeal

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A $75,000 aid appeal has been started by G Adventures in response to the huge earthquake that devastated Nepal.

Funds raised will support the long-term recovery of the affected communities.

The operator’s founder Bruce Poon Tip said: “Nepal needs our help. Relief agencies are already mobilising to provide food, shelter, and medicine to those affected by the earthquake, but it doesn’t end there. It will take months, even years to rebuild the country.”

The company pledged to cover all administration costs so 100% of all donations will directly benefit the initiative. Donations can be made at http://bit.ly/1Qx5Sv1.

G Adventures and its non-profit making offshoot Planeterra have a track record of supporting efforts in countries the adventure operator travels to, working with local partners on sustainable projects.

“Our world is an amazing place to explore and has given us so much. When part of it is in trouble, it is our duty to step up and return the favour,” said Poon Tip.

“We know our travellers and partners care. As demonstrated with our past relief efforts in Haiti, East Africa, Peru and the Philippines, they supported and championed; they want to contribute and make a difference.”

The operator has said that it was working on repatriating 156 of its customers and 15 group leaders in the affected area.

All G Adventures trips?commencing in?Nepal up to and including May 4 have been cancelled. All affected travellers are being contacted and any questions can be directed to travel@gadventures.com or 0344 27