Futuristic 'budget boutique' hotel to open in London

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A hotel concept not seen before in London according to its creators will open in the east end of London next month.

The promise is to “challenge the stereotypes of low cost hotels” with innovative design, sustainable practices and community initiatives.

Qbic Hotel London City is a “budget boutique” but?will be far from?cheap and cheerful.

Rooms will cost from as little as £59 per night including breakfast and Wifi but the concept centres on something called a Cubi.

This is a compact, cube-shaped living box, which includes integrated handmade furniture, sound seal doors, Naturalmat beds, locally sourced fixtures and fittings and the bathroom.

The Cubi has allowed an office building to be converted into a hotel quickly and with little impact on the environment.

Qbic also aims to create a legacy through engagement with the local community.

The hotel is recruiting at least 50% of its staff locally and partnering with the charities Food Cycle and Bike Works, both of which help to train and assist people back into work. At least 20% of the work force will come from these charities and be well-placed to offer local insight.

As part of their partnership with Bike Works the hotel will offer bike tours in the local vicinity, while Food Cycle will provide pop up food stations in the lobby.

This is the second hotel in the group after Amsterdam but there will be more across London and in other cities in the future.