First look at new Orient-Express uniforms

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New uniforms for the staff on board the Orient-Express British?Pullman train have been unveiled.

The uniforms were tailor-made in the UK by tailors Toby Norman after Nick Beverly, a tailor at the company, travelled on the train with his wife last year.

Beverly felt he could design and create uniforms better suited to the staff’s roles and after discussing his ideas with his waiter and train manager Orient-Express decided to give him the chance to prove it.

Basing the design around the current uniforms, a fully tailored jacket has been created for the male staff along with adding some more style to the finishing of the trousers and the jackets.

As before the men’s jackets feature the gold buttons and golden epaulettes, which are fully removable for cleaning and will be worn with black trousers.

detail on new orient express uniforms

For the female staff, a totally new creation was chosen out of four possible designs presented to Orient-Express. The new design replaces the old navy suit with a white tunic with mandarin collar and cuff detailing.

The women’s tunics will also feature the gold buttons as seen on the men’s jackets.

A spokesman said: “The new uniforms were welcomed excitedly by the team who loved the style, fit and feel of the jackets, skirts and trousers.”

Another key consideration was the daily laundering routine and rigorous demands onboard.

Train manager uniforms will be made from English wool with a “cheeky flash of Rubellite coloured lining to match the Orient-Expr