Explore reports growth in trade bookings

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Adventure travel specialist Explore has seen sales from the trade grow by 7% year on year.

The operator reported its best ever month for trade sales in January.

Over the past year, one of the biggest areas of growth from agents has been bookings to South Africa, and Explore has reported a 195% increase in trade bookings year on year.

Carl Burrows, sales director for Explore, said: "January was Explore's best ever month for travel agent bookings and we're hoping to see this trend continue well into 2014. We're hearing many agents claim they've also had great January's, with strong sales continuing into February - a fantastic sign that the future is looking bright and there is more confidence in the marketplace.

"We'd like to extend our huge congratulations to all agents who worked hard during the peak sales period to achieve their top months on record.

"We have been working hard to enhance our relationship with the trade over the last couple of years' and this January proves it has been wholl