Emirates to recruit 11,000 staff

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Emirates is set to take on more than 11,000 new staff as the Dubai-based airline prepares to add 20 aircraft to its fleet.

The recruitment drive is due to be completed by March next year, increasing its global workforce by 6%.

About half of the new recruits will be cabin crew, based in Dubai.

The airline also wants to add 450 pilots to its staff, with roadshows at Heathrow and Gatwick for prospective candidates on March 8 and 9.

Dnata, the part of the group that provides aviation and travel services worldwide, will also take on some of the new staff.

There were nearly half a million applications for 2,000 jobs with Emirates last year.

Emirates’ UK vice-president Laurie Berryman told the?Times that a life in Dubai offered, “something truly special for expats”, including a tax-free salary, in an attempt to recruit staff to join 1,811 Dubai-based cabin crew from Britain.

“We’re confident that we’ll see a good response,” he said.

But the expansion may anger US carriers, which have complained about the unfair advantage that Gulf airlines appear to enjoy through generous state subsidies.

Delta, United and American Airlines have raised the issue with the US government, claiming that Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, have received $40 billion since 2004.

They want the US to renegotiate open-skies agreements that remove restrictions on international air travel.

US government officials are said to be reviewing the request, according to