Dubai beefs up online training for agents" alt="" width="299" height="199" align="right" class="newsArticleImage">

Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has launched a website combining agent training and resources in response to feedback from the trade.

The Dubai?Experts?training programme has been redesigned, making it quicker for agents to complete. It now has 14 modules, instead of the previous 18.

Ian Scott, director UK and Ireland for DTCM, said: “We had feedback that the training was too time-consuming so we looked at the content and thought is this going to help them sell?

“A lot of agents were signing up, but the completion rate was nowhere near the 70% we wanted.”

The site has video content, an interactive map and a function that allows trainees to email each other. Trade resources include images, text and statistics.

Over the next few months the DTCM is planning to promote Dubai as a family and cultural destination and combat perceptions that i