Designer Travel launches auction to help Rhodes wildlife

Designer Travel has set up an online auction to help a Rhodes veterinary practice following the island’s wildfires.

The homeworking agency has teamed up with tour operators and friends to supply items for auction on Facebook between September 1 and September 30.

The money will be donated to AgapiVet, which has been helping wild and stray animals in the aftermath of the fires which destroyed habitats and inflicted burn injuries.

Designer Travel co-owner Karen Pocock said: “Our head of commercial, Darren Bien, was in Rhodes at the time the fires took hold and we all watched the situation in horror as the wildfires played out before our very eyes.

“You could see how much land had been damaged and as a consequence we knew the wildlife and local animal population would need help.”

Designer Travel’s staff have been particularly concerned about the impact on the dama-dama deer, which are unique to the island and have protected status.

AgapiVet owner Dikaia-Loukia Agapis has been playing a key role in helping the deer, according to Designer Travel.

Pocock said: “We wanted to raise some funds so that the vets could continue with their work alongside both local authorities and local rescue charities to help the deer and local stray animals.”

Encouraging bids in the auction, Pocock said: “The team at Designer have contributed a number of lots, and we are so, so grateful to many of our tour operating partners and friends, who have been exceptionally generous with their contributions too – from three nights in Cyprus to champagne, wine and chocolates.

“We couldn’t have made this work without so much support.

“We still have extra lots to add on to the auction page during the month, so the page will be relevant the whole month through. It’s never too late to get involved.”

She added: “As a business we will be visiting Rhodes with our top-selling associates in October.

“We will take all the money we raise with us to donate – along with visiting the dama-dama deer, of course. Working for an afternoon in a local sanctuary may also be on the cards.”

The wildfires, which started in July, destroyed around 15% of Rhodes’ total surface.

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