Canyon Ranch moves deeper into medical tourism

roduced a new level of health care for guests with a programme called Canyon Ranch Medicine.

The programme features personalised integrative medicine, and physicians include experts in weight loss, nutrition, gut health, fitness, optimal performance and healthy longevity. Clients have a variety of choices while they are in resort and after the visit doctors provide detailed recommendations and will even talk personal doctors if the clients desires.

Three example packages include:

Neuromuscular Assessment - Neuromuscular Assessment (NA) is a systematic approach that evaluates the body, identifies weak or inhibited muscles, then treats muscular imbalances that contribute to pain, injury, or lack of performance. NA addresses the underlying cause of a problem, rather than just treating its symptoms. In this three-step service, a specialist will help restore a body’s natural alignment and movement.

Comprehensive Preventative Medicine Assessment - Access the wisdom and experience of integrative physicians with plenty of time for discussing and exploring all the details of a client’s health. This service provides an in depth analysis of current state of health and develops a sustainable plan for achieving health goals. Integrating the best of conventional and complementary medicine, a physician helps move clients forward to a healthier lifestyle with energy and vitality. This includes advice for healthy eating, vitamins and supplements, and physical activity. Learn which measurements might be helpful and what kind of monitoring and tracking would make the most sense.

Insulin Resistance Management - Insulin resistance, which may be a precursor to Type 2 diabetes, can be controlled with healthy lifestyle changes including good nutrition. A nutritionist will provide education about insulin resistance syndrome and diabetes and assesses your current dietary patterns. Receive personalised nutritional recommendations to help you manage blood sugar and reduce health r