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California is to extend its Dream365 social media campaign as it looks to continue growth in visitor numbers.

The state welcomed 683,000 UK visitors in 2014, bucking a wider slowdown in numbers from elsewhere in Europe.

Speaking at the IPW conference in Orlando, Visit California chief executive Caroline Beteta said the UK was designated a “Tier One” market where brand advertising remained constant year-round.

And she said an increased budget to more than $100 million would allow the state to increase both marketing and interaction with the travel trade.

Additions to the Dream365 campaign include more video content being uploaded on YouTube, and the creation of an online TV show called California Dream Eater, which focuses on the state’s culinary offering and has received more than 1,000 followers on Instagram before its official launch.

Beteta said: “Digital continues to be very important and we are now engaging a global digital firm in order to monitor the Dream365 activity and allow us to be able to make hour-to-hour shifts in our